Translate Any Document with Any Partner with Ease

Looking for a powerful, easy to use EDI translation software package that won’t cost you a fortune? You’re search has ended. Pro_EDI is a versatile translator and EDI mapping utility that can handle all of your electronic data interchange transactions.

Our electonic data interchange software seamlessly integrates these transactions with your current business software. This helps to eliminate re-keying errors and increases data accuracy, which in turn makes your business run more efficiently.

Have you spent hours searching for an EDI Company that won’t confuse you with a multitude of ‘up-sell’ products or hidden fees? Look no further.

Since the 90s, Pro_EDI has been the go-to option for small and mid-size businesses looking for a straight forward, easy to use translator. We don’t tie you down with monthly contracts, canned maps that you can’t reconfigure, or expensive plug-ins. In fact our sole focus has always been and always will be, electronic data interchange.

Ease of Use

Pro_EDI was designed to add EDI capabilities to most existing application environments. Using ‘Unattended Mode’ one can easily integrate EDI into your daily operations with simple BAT files. Mapping can be done by our staff for you, or you can write an unlimited number of EDI maps yourself.

With ProEDI software you get:

  • Unlimited EDI Translation on any desktop or server
  • No expensive ‘add-ons’ or kits to worry about
  • Ability to communicate via EDI VAN, FTP, AS2 or any other method
  • Friendly, US-based Customer Support
  • Easily Interface with your backend applications, ERP, accounting, or custom software
  • No long term contracts or monthly fees, straight forward pricing

Unlimited Translation

Whether you need an EDI translator to exchange billing documents using the ANSI X12, EDIFACT or HIPAA EDI standards - we can support your requirements.

Our EDI translator and integrated mapping software offers flexible functionality while being affordable enough for smaller businesses to bring their EDI process in-house. Our experienced technicians can even do the mapping for you! Once these maps are implemented, you can process UNLIMITED EDI data in-house using Pro_EDI Software!

It accepts inbound data from your trading partner and reformats these files to load directly to your business application. Likewise, data extracted from your business software is seamlessly translated to your trading partner's specifications without manual intervention using Pro EDI's translation and EDI mapping software functionality.

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