Pro EDI for Utility Companies

Thanks to deregulation, your industry association has probably already mandated EDI standards. That means utility companies need to be EDI capable just to receive and respond to ANSI 840 postings from energy providers, 850's (POs), and 864's (notification of award). If you want to be a player, Pro EDI can help you win.

Pro EDI automatically converts documents to EDI standards, allowing your staff to continue using familiar forms and your own communication and scheduling software in an easy-to-use GUI environment. Pro EDI is cross-platform compatible, allowing you to change or add platforms while keeping your trading partners and documents intact.

Best of all, Pro EDI delivers total EDI capability for one easy-to-budget price. You get unlimited trading partners, transaction sets, VANS, maps, and application files, allowing you to expand at any time at no additional cost. Why risk your supply when we make EDI so easy? Download our demo today!

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