Pro EDI for Government

When paperwork began to overwhelm government agencies, they began requiring their suppliers to use EDI. These requirements were phased in over time, beginning with the telecommunications and electronics industries. Today, the requirements extend to most suppliers for almost all federal, state, and local government agencies. Suppliers must be EDI capable in order to respond.

Several years ago, the Department of Defense mandated EDI for all its suppliers. They use EDI for RFPs (ANSI 840), contract award notifications (ANSI 864), purchase orders (ANSI 850), and many other documents. (In fact, the Navy uses Pro_EDI to reorder supplies for 300 ships at sea.) Suppliers need to be ANSI compliant just to respond in time to federal, state, and city government RFPs (ANSI 840's), Purchase Orders (850's) and notifications of award (864's). If you want to be a player, Pro_EDI can help you win.

Join our other government agencies that have chosen Pro_EDI City of Austin / Travis County Health, State of Iowa, Alcoholic Beverages Division and NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology to name a few.

Since Pro_EDI is cross-platform compatible, you can begin responding to government requests right away. Why risk a contract when we make EDI so easy? Download a demo ... because Uncle Sam wants you!

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