Retail Industry

You've got a great product and you're ready to sell. But retailers are insisting on electronic data interchange, an "electronic conversation" of EDI 850 purchase orders, EDI 810 invoices, EDI 856 shipping notices, and EDI 997 acknowledgements. How can your system respond? Rely on Pro_EDI to automatically convert your existing data to its equivalent EDI format.

Staying competitive also means staying current. National retail chains use different versions of the EDI standards and change them often (insisting, for instance, on an ANSI 4060 810 invoice rather than the ANSI 4010 version they previously used). Pro_EDI flexibility keeps you in the game with every retailer, every version, every day. All ANSI and EDIFACT versions are included. And you can add as many trading partners as you like. There are no additional "kits" or "templates" to buy.

Best of all, Pro_EDI delivers total EDI capability with easy interfaces to your current business, bar coding, and shipping systems. Why risk a customer when we make EDI so easy? Download our demo. You've got some shelves to fill.

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