EDI 850 x12 Purchase Order and EDI 810 Invoice Details

Two of the most common types of EDI transactions are the EDI 810 Invoice and the EDI 850 Purchase Order (PO). These documents are used primarily in business to business transactions, and both documents can go in either direction – inbound or outbound.

Companies wishing to do business with larger retailers for example, are often required to exchange these two transaction sets at a minimum. A common example would be a vendor sending the client an 810 Invoice, and the client returning an 850 Purchase Order.

Solutions for Processing EDI Invoices and Purchase Orders

Pro EDI Software and Outsourcing Services allow companies of ANY size to become EDI compliant while exchanging 810, 850 or any other EDI documents. The Maps can be written to your specifications, so they can easily be imported and exported to and from your backend application. Smaller companies may even opt for a simple Report View, which they can print out or alter manually if desired. Larger companies benefit from the ability to sync up their ERP or Accounting systems without manual intervention

EDI Invoice and Purchase Order Details

The details and structure of these transactions are defined by The Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X12. However, each business organization may have their own rules and specifications, as detailed in their Implementation Guide.

Efficiently process EDI 850 POs and 810 Invoices with my Trading Partner

  • Pro EDI can do the mapping for you, or assist you with the mapping process
  • If you have low or uncertain transaction volume, outsourcing options can be tailored to fit your needs
  • Flat files can be easily Imported/Exported into your backend software
  • We'll assist you with automating the Translation process (Unattended Mode)
  • If interested in turn around documents, our Pro ASN solution can act as an Ordering System, handling everything from billing to ASNs and UCC-128 bar coding

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