Web Based Advance Ship Notices & UCC128 Labels

Receive 850 Purchase Orders and send 856 Advance Ship Notices and 810 Invoices with minimal reprogramming of your current business application.

You can satisfy your customer demands to accept 850 Purchase Orders and send an 856 Advance Ship Notices with precisely labeled boxes and pallets in the GS1-128 (aka/UCC128 format) along with 810 Invoice transactions to your customer's specifications. Our Pro_ASN solution easily will integrate into your current order and shipping software very quickly.

Pro ASN Enterprise works just like an order and shipping system. It allows you to take in an 850 purchase order from your trading partner and, using your current picking documents, you can enter shipping details down to the pallet and box level. We have created automated interfaces that will avoid the need to re-enter shipping information into your ERP system separately. Pro_ASN allows you to automatically calculate the required number of labels through our unit of measure conversion tables, create a VICS Bill of Lading, preview and verify shipping information prior to generating advance ship notices. It has many other useful features that are only found in ASN applications that cost more than five times what you will pay for Pro_ASN. It will support shipping from multiple locations.

We can quote you a turnkey price to implement a new trading partner once we have the implementation guides and labeling requirements.

We sell Pro ASN as a web based application that you can install and host on your own servers so you have complete control over your environment or you can sign up to use it as Software as a Service.

Why Choose Pro ASN Enterprise?

  • Significantly more affordable than customizing current ERP software that doesn't handle ASN's and UCC128 labels
  • As a web based solution, it can be easily deployed across an entire enterprise and updates are always in sync
  • Multiple warehouse capability will accommodate the largest manufacturers and distributors
  • Can produce UCC128 labels to your trading partner's specifications and easily reprint them when needed
  • State of the art technology written in Microsoft .NET and supported by a SQL Server database
  • Expert support staff and responsive customer service team that genuinely cares
  • Shipping information is created when a user requests the system to generate ASN's. These transactions can then be used to create 856 transactions and to interface to a back end ERP system.
  • System security allows a system administrator to control which users are allowed to perform which functions
  • Validations and Unit of Measure conversions are easily controlled by the system administrator and make it easy to automatically calculate how many labels are required per carton.
  • Customization and integration assistance available on request, just ask for a quote

The above is only a partial list of the advantages of Pro ASN Enterprise. Feel free to email us with any questions.

The best way to appreciate Pro_ASN Enterprise is to see it in action! We can arrange for one of our experts to walk you through on a guided tour of our internet demo over the phone.

Looking for an outsourcing solution?

No problem! You can sign up for our Pro ASN Web Portal service and we will take care of everything but the data entry. Our flexible pricing model is one that allows you to choose the best price based on the volume of transactions you expect to receive.

We have templates already created for trading with Lowe's, Home Depot, JCPenney and Bed Bath & Beyond and others are being added all the time. We can have you up and running in no time. You can choose to start using Pro_ASN as a service through our Pro ASN Web Portal and later purchase a license to host it yourself when your volume increases.

Call our toll free number to schedule a walkthrough or click below for a no obligation demo of our web based Pro_ASN Enterprise internet EDI application.

Email or call us at 1-800-969-3341 for a free cost analysis