Testimonials from Customers Using Our EDI Solution

Encomium Data International has been exceeding our customers expectations for over twenty years.

"We have used Pro_EDI for many years and it has proven to be extremely flexible and reliable. It meets all of WD-40’s current EDI mapping/translation needs and is fully integrated with our ERP system."

Craig - WD-40

“I have personally worked with the ProEDI Software for the past 7 years. Southwest purchased ProEDI 10 years ago and have renewed our Service Contract over and over. ProEDI is very stable, can handle all EDI Transactions, is user friendly, and the software is GREAT !!!

The Support Team for ProEDI is above average, they go the extra mile to help with any questions you might have. They are quick to get back to you with answers and/or suggestions to assist you with any EDI Transaction and how to best handle a mapping situation. They have classes that are very informative and helpful along with user friendly manuals written in a manner that is easy to follow. Last but not least they are gracious, patient and extremely knowledgeable of their product. We would not trade them for anyone else.”

Audrey – Southwest Airlines

“One of the best vendors we work with.”

Stephen - TSC Services

“When researching for an EDI middleware solution, I had three main requirements: Obtain customer service and technical support rapport – a company who becomes familiar and retains with my system configuration and requirements. This is only possible when discussing issues and question with the same person whereby establishing a rapport. When discussing issues and questions with Pro_EDI, I don’t have to re-introduce my self, convince them of my technical knowledge regarding EDI and ProEDI, and re-explain the working environment. EDI Middleware can operate from a command line, not a “mystery” to operate, and reliable – ProEDI easily accommodates those requirements.

It’s relatively small installation footprint, portability, intuitive mapping and programming interface, and command line capabilities allows one to easily integrate it directly or indirectly with an ERP system. Many EDI middleware packages require long tedious training curves and considerable administration. Typically, after the middleware environment is operational, it should require no or minimal administration.

Knowledgeable staff – Typically (over 95%), they can resolve issues during the initial phone call. It saves valuable time being able to discuss a problem to a multi-tier capable technician resulting in an immediate solution. It is frustrating having a request transferred through a hierarchy of people over multiple days until an issue is resolved. I suppose Encomium has spoiled me."

Mike - MAD Consulting

"ProEDI has excellent customer service."

Lori – USA Truck

"We have been using Pro_EDI to translate 835 and 834 files for several lines of business for almost a decade. We successfully process large and small files on a daily basis. The software has been reliable and the Encomium staff has always responded efficiently when issues arise."

Tricia - Blue Cross

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