Pro EDI for Transportation Logistics

Your main concern used to be ensuring that your distribution centers were ready to receive shipments from your production facilities. With increased competition forcing cost reductions throughout the supply chain, the term "distribution" has been replaced with "supply chain management." Your concerns are the same, but your scope has increased. You no longer view the flow of raw materials any differently from the flow of finished goods. Competition will not let you.

That's where Pro_EDI comes in.

Pro EDI plays pivotal role in supply chain management by simplifying the EDI transaction process. Many Pro_EDI customers have already expanded their use of EDI well beyond the receipt of customer purchase orders. Coupled with ERP systems, supplier POs are automatically generated. ASNs are now received from suppliers as well as sent to customers or warehouses. Invoices are automatically created based on receipt of information. Remittance advices close the loop.

The benefits of Pro_EDI do not end there. With this versatile software you will experience faster order fulfillment and increased turnover for just-in-time systems, improved accuracy, and reduced overhead.

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