Pro EDI for Finance

From paychecks to invoices to mortgages and taxes, your financial needs grow ever more complex. The speed and accuracy of your electronic communication is crucial to your continued success.

Pro_EDI can help you move, track, and account for funds for any business purpose. You can, for example, initiate ACH wire transfers to your suppliers and automatically provide the associated remittance advices to them. You can automate your lockbox incoming payment information and integrate it directly into your receivables system. You can issue electronic one-time or recurring debit authorizations and automatically reconcile these payments. Whether your trading partner requires ANSI or EDIFACT format, Pro_EDI can accommodate all your financial transactions.

Best of all, the same Pro_EDI software works for all your other departments, making it extremely cost effective. You get secure, auditable transaction processing for one easy-to-budget price. Make your money work even harder. Download our demo.

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