Low Cost EDI Outsourcing

Do you need to become EDI compliant but don't have the IT resources to do so? Let Pro_EDI help! We can get you up and running quickly, with any partner, without breaking the bank.

EDI Outsourcing Services Include:

  • EDI Translation of ANY Map
  • Inbound and Outbound EDI Transactions with ANY Trading Partner
  • FREE VAN Services & Interconnects are Included
  • No Software to Install
  • Ability to Easily Integrate with your Backend Software / ERP Systems
  • Daily Reports (optional)
  • Email or SMS Text Message Notification Based upon Your Specifications
  • No Long Term Contracts or Hidden Fees

We would love to learn more about your organizations EDI outsourcing needs. Please email us a brief description of your EDI needs we will quickly customize a solution for you.

If you wanted to bring EDI in house, please click here.

EDI Service Overview:

  • Files will be transferred to/from Pro_EDI via FTP. We will transmit them to your Trading Partner(s) via whichever communication method they require.
  • The data folders will be monitored to determine when new files have arrived and will be subsequently translated, bundled and sent to your trading partner.
  • Transactions received from your trading partner will be translated and placed in your EDI_IN folder. Inbound 997 transactions will be matched to the outbound transactions sent for free.
  • Free 997 transactions will be generated for all required inbound transactions.
  • An email or text will be sent to you when transactions have been processed.
  • An optional daily report of acknowledged and unacknowledged transactions will be sent once daily.
  • Integration – Ability to interface with your backend software will be included in the initial map writing process.
  • Only pay for monthly transactions – tiered pricing that is scalable with your business growth.
  • Exceptional, US based customer service included.
Email or call us at 1-800-969-3341 for a free cost analysis