Automotive Industry

It's no longer enough to track your own production schedule; auto makers' insistence on just-in-time service has pushed scheduling and quality control further down the supply chain. When the auto maker sends you his planning schedules and product activity data sheets, he sends them in EDI format and requires the same format from you. Pro_EDI automatically converts between these AIAG standards and your business system.

Suppliers to the automotive industry live in a world of shrinking margins. To maintain your return, it's essential to continue your current cost-cutting measures. A superior EDI system can help by reducing your company's non-value-added activities. Pro_EDI is an intuitive X12 / EDIFACT translator that will not break your budget.

Best of all, Pro_EDI allows connection to your automotive partner in many different ways. If you trade with more than one, you already know their communication differences. With Pro_EDI, it's simple and straightforward. Why risk losing to your competition when we make EDI so easy?

This versatile software is ideal for any industry; Transportation, Distribution, and Supply Chain Logistics to name a few. If you are still unsure if this translator is right for you, we encourage you to Download a Demo of our Windows Pro_EDI translation software package. We can even arrange for one of our friendly experts to guide you through its basic features over the phone! We are confident you will appreciate our quick response time to your inquiries by our helpful staff. Please contact our sales team, or email us with any questions you may have and we will happily assist you with our Pro_EDI software solution.

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