Healthcare Industry

Long before using EDI, the healthcare community was sharing data electronically with standards developed just for this purpose. The NSF, UB92, HCFA, and HL7 standards (and their variations) became generally accepted between healthcare providers and payers to handle the industry's enormous volume of data.

Now a new EDI HIPAA standard format has emerged along with government mandates to put it into use. The HIPAA compliance law requires ten different documents to be sent and received electronically using the ANSI standards. These include patient health claims as well as eligibility, claim payments, status documents, and several workers' compensation forms.

Pro_EDI makes HIPAA compliance easy and affordable. We offer the most flexible cost-effective EDI healthcare solution on the market. Do you need help mapping 837s? Are HL7 and NSF standards foreign to you? Are you looking to convert the new HIPAA transactions back into your old UB92, NSF, HL7, or HCFA format in while you work towards updating your applications' programs to handle the HIPAA format? Fear not – our EDI professionals can do the mapping for you, and we offer easy to follow HIPAA transaction templates should you decide to do it yourself. Find out what other benefits make us better than the competition, or sample our software yourself with our free demo!

Are you looking for an EDI translation program that can handle high transaction volumes? Our customers have used Pro_EDI to process files as large as 200 megabytes generating over one million records in under seventy-five minutes on a Windows platform. This benchmark was accomplished using a PC with a 1.5 GHZ processor with only 512 MB memory. Your results may vary depending on PC configuration and types of transactions being processed.

Other organizations that have chosen Pro_EDI include insurers such as Delta Dental Plan, Destiny Health, and SAMBA as well as health care providers such as, Ascension Health Woodlands, SC, Aspen Dental Management, Inc., Associated Pharmacies, Inc., Central PA Rehabilitation Services, Inc., Greater Oregon Behavioral Health, Inc., Susquehana Health System, Willamette Dental and medical product distributors or suppliers such as AOSS Medical Supply.

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