How Pro EDI Works

Pro_EDI software works by taking files generated by your application software and translating them into EDI standard documents, and by translating EDI standard documents to files which can then be directly processed by your application software.

This software tool is specifically designed to facilitate an integrated EDI environment. Pro_EDI software operates as the EDI software engine sitting between your application and your communications system.

Pro_EDI software performs integrity checking on incoming documents, automatically generates functional acknowledgements to send to your trading partners, processes functional acknowledgements received from your trading partners, keeps track of control numbers, and keeps detailed audit trails of all EDI activity.

For example, an accounts receivable module generates an application file containing invoice data for many different customers. Pro_EDI will take that file and create EDI invoice documents (EDI 810) for each customer in the file, in the particular EDI format required by each customer.

Whether your trading partners are using EDI X12 or EDIFACT standards, Pro_EDI will translate transaction sets of different EDI standards, versions and implementations into any application file format, defined by you, for each type of document so they can be processed by your application software.

Pro_EDI keeps detailed audit trails of all EDI activity which occurs in your system. You can track documents by trading partner, interchange control numbers, group control numbers, document control numbers, or by your own reference numbers, such as invoice number or P.O. number. You can generate reports showing detailed EDI activity, including functional acknowledgement reconciliation reports. To further enhance the integrated environment, all key management reports can be generated on-line using the command line processor.

The translator can also be run off-line from batch or script files or from other applications. This means you can run the Pro EDI translator at pre-scheduled times or on demand. This feature satisfies trading partners who require EDI transmissions to take place at pre-set times during the day, as well as those trading partners who require EDI transmissions at random times during the day.

The Pro_EDI software solution supports the ANSI X12 standards and the EDIFACT standards, including all subsets such as TDCC, WINS, VICS, AIAG, UCS, etc. Multiple releases of the standards can be maintained concurrently within the software database. Different versions of the same EDI transaction sets can also be maintained concurrently. As new versions of the standards are released, they will be made available to our supported customers through this web site.

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