Pro EDI Components

Trading Partner

All of the necessary trading partner information is maintained here. Because of the open systems design, you can create as many trading partners as you require. You can also assign as many transaction sets, application interfaces, maps, etc. as necessary. One of the most powerful features of the TRADING PARTNER module is the user-defined cross reference tables. This is particularly useful for converting trading partner codes to your codes.

EDI Dictionary

Pro_EDI contains complete data dictionaries for all of the ANSI and EDIFACT standards. These are included in the initial purchase of the software. Future versions of all of the supported standards are included in the maintenance contract and are available to you through this web site. This means that the Pro_EDI system contains all of the transactions that you will ever need, eliminating hidden costs that are inherent in other systems.

Application File

Pro_EDI does not dictate a fixed application interface layout. You have complete control over the format your business system uses. This gives you the freedom to design the most efficient interface files. Pro_EDI supports fixed, variable, and character delimited record sets.


Pro_EDI permits intelligent mapping and data conversion. Data can be scrutinized against cross reference tables and parameter driven formulas. Setting up maps is accomplished by "point and click" routines in an easy to operate interface. There is no scripting or programming language involved. You can set up as many maps between as many application file layouts and EDI transactions (or vise versa) as necessary. You can also assign any map to any number of trading partners.

Document Manager

The Document Manager registers, audits and archives all transaction sets sent and received. It also generates a series of management reports. Transactions can be viewed at the interchange, functional group or individual level. The raw transmission files can be viewed in both ASCII and hexadecimal for debugging purposes. There are complete translation flag reset and document redirection and reassignment capabilities.


The EDI translation process, both inbound and outbound, can be executed on demand or run in the background. This process takes care of formatting your data not only for the X12, EDIFACT or HIPAA EDI standard, but also for the specific bundling requirements of your EDI VAN or trading partner. Since you can run the EDI translation with flexible parameters, you can easily integrate EDI with little or no impact on your business system.


Pro_EDI is communications independent and will work with virtually any communication software/hardware combination. Plus, Pro_EDI has built-in communication strategies that make it easy to meet the requirements of your VAN, internet or direct connect trading partner.

System Administration

Pro_EDI allows you to determine exactly the right parameters for your business needs. You can define the location and disposition of your EDI files, even across networks.

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