What Makes Us Better?


Whatever the idiosyncrasies of your data files, Pro_EDI software can handle them. That means your business application drives the process. Pro_EDI's flexibility easily accommodates your specific requirements from the most simple translation to the use of complex conditionals for a complete EDI solution. MORE>>

Document Management

Pro_EDI software quickly and accurately routes documents to the appropriate trading partners, then audits those "electronic conversations" in a cleanly managed, easy-to-track process that's the envy of the industry. We deliver a wide variety of reporting capabilities, including customized reports tailored to your needs. MORE>>

Trading Partner Maintenance

Trading partner relationships are never static. Changes or additions of documents or partners can swamp some systems. But Pro EDI software makes it easy. We can handle an unlimited number of trading partners and documents so you will never outgrow your system. MORE>>

Distributed EDI

The Pro_EDI software solution is compatible with different types of hardware, even in the same network. Why invest in multiple systems when Pro_EDI is all you need? MORE>>

Internal Security

This can be a real problem for multi-user systems. Unlike many competitive products, Pro EDI software provides an extra level of security, working in concert with your original system security. MORE>>

Standards Maintenance

Our updates are automatic, fast and free to supported customers. Most of our competitors take 60 days to publish EDI standards updates; Pro_EDI publishes EDI standards updates on the web within two weeks. MORE>>

User Interface

Pro_EDI's GUI (graphical user interface) format gets you up and running faster with intuitive, easy-to-use screens. If you can run Windows, you can already run Pro_EDI software. So why not pick an EDI solution that is powerful and easy to use.

System Administration

Don't let an EDI system make decisions for you. Pro_EDI flexibility puts you in total control to get the job done the way you want it. MORE>>

Attended / Unattended Modes

Unlike some EDI solutions, Pro EDI offers both modes. Whether you're inter-actively processing documents or letting the EDI translator run in the background, Pro EDI software is easy to use and literally foolproof. MORE>>

Communications and Scheduling

Why pay more for a scheduler and communications tool when you're already using one you're familiar with? Pro EDI software integrates perfectly with your current tools to save you time and money.


Unlike many EDI software products, Pro EDI can format outbound documents for any VAN, internet and direct dial connection. Pro EDI can also accept any ANSI X.12 or EDIFACT format.

Customer Support

Because EDI is our sole focus, we offer total, on-going customer service and support for as long as you need it. Choose from our Silver or Gold support options, depending on your needs, and qualify for special product and EDI service discounts. With Pro_EDI, you're buying a relationship, not just a product. We will even write your EDI Maps for you if you like. MORE>>

Complete Solution

You'll never outgrow Pro_EDI. There are no extra templates or kits to buy because everything you'll ever need is included in your initial system.


If you're looking for a multi-user system, you can pay two or three times more and not get as much as the Pro_EDI solution offers. Our price is relatively low for a translator product, yet it includes all the "extras" other companies add to the bill. Why would you pay more? MORE>>

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