• Maps different standards and versions of a transaction set to one application file format.
  • Maps one application file format to different EDI standards, versions, and implementations.
  • Automatically converts data type and decimal alignment.
  • Allows multiple fields to be combined into one element and multiple elements to be combined into one field.
  • Allows mapping of partial elements and fields.
  • Allows multiple conditional mapping (e.g., the movement of data is conditional on parameters such as the value of another element or field).
  • Supports conversion tables for any incoming or outbound value.
  • Contains over 30 individual conditionals (inbound and outbound), allowing more and deeper nesting.
  • Allows the addition of new conditionals through the submission of a simple request form.
  • Allows easy point-and-click mapping.
  • Allows you to define all maps without purchasing additional kits or packages.
  • Allows user-defined application files with multiple record formats.
  • Allows re-definition of field, combined fields, byte-level record definition.
  • Supports repeating or "looping" of application file records.
  • Automatically creates HL parentage and iteration control elements.
  • And much, much more.
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